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~ You will enable your pet to remain in familiar surroundings which will substantially reduce their stress level during your absence.

~ Your pet will receive one on one personalized attention daily.

~ Your pet's daily rountine will remain as close to normal as possible.

~ Your pet will not be exposed to fleas and the normal kennel diseases, thereby reducing the risk of your pet becoming ill or needing excessive vaccinations.

~ You will not have to worry about dropping your pet off at the kennel or having to be home by a certain time so they can be picked up before the kennel closes for the weekend.

~ If desired, extra services, such as bringing in mail and paper, rotating lights and blinds, and watering plants, are provided free of charge. All of this eliminates the "on vacation" look at your home.

~ AND, depending on your individual circumstances, in-home pet care can actually save you money! Boarding kennels charge per pet, we charge per visit or per day regardless of the number of pets we are caring for. 
Why Choose a Professional Pet Sitter for In-Home Care?
~ We are true animal lovers. By choosing us, you will be securing the services of someone who will care for your pets just as you would.

~ We guarantee one on one attention, play time and lots of special love and cuddles for your pet.

~ We are very conscientious and dependable. We will always be there at the appointed times and look after your pets and home just as you would.

~ We make it easy to stay in touch. You will be provided with phone numbers and encouraged to call just to check in and see how your pets are doing if you like.

~ We are life long area residents, very honest and reliable. You will not have to worry about your home and pets.

~ We are experienced.

~ We CARE! 
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